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OL2003 - Custom filter mail with flag status completed

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  • OL2003 - Custom filter mail with flag status completed

    I'm trying to figure out how to handle any mail in the Inbox is marked as completed (ticked).

    I want the selected message to either:

    1. get moved to another folder, or
    2. disappear from view (but remain in the Inbox)

    I have tried the following without success:

    1. Tried creating a rule- but cannot see how to fire a rule based on Flag Status Changing?
    2. Tried creating a new search folder (Inbox - Not Completed) and then tried setting an advanced filter "Flag Status - not equal to - Completed

    Unfortunately this filter doesn't seem to work- I still see all mail that has been ticked completed.

    I'm not sure how to handle this requirement, but I thought I could find a way without needing to code a button. Any ideas why this is happening?- Maybe I have the wrong field (there are 2 possible fields- "Flag Status" and "FollowUp Flag" - which one should I test on?

    Thanks- Daz