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  • PST restores itself ...

    Odd problem here ... XP Pro desktop w/ Outlook 2003 accessing Exchange 2003 SP2. User has a .PST setup to store old messages ... User can move messages from Exchange to local PST. Everything is normal up to this point.
    The problem starts when the User tries to move messages inside the PST. He can move messages, delete messages, etc just fine. Once the user closes Outlook and logs off ... things get weird. The next time he opens Outlook and the PST ... everything has been reverted back like he never moved / deleted stuff FROM the pst.

    Example: PST has folders called Junk 1 and Junk 2. If he moves Message1 to Junk 1 from Exchange all is fine. The next day - he moves Message1 FROM Junk 1 to Junk 2. All looks fine. Message1 is in Junk 2. User logs off. Next day - opens email - looks in Junk 1 and Message1 is there ... and NOT in Junk2.
    User DELETES Message1 from Junk 1 folder .... goes to trash can in PST and deletes Message1 from the Trash can. Closes outlook. User comes back 2 or 3 hours later ... Message1 is back in Junk1 again...

    anyone ever seen / heard of this issue? I've checked the obvious ... no other connections to the PST - have tried exporting the mail from the PST to a NEW pst ... does the same thing. As an admin - I connected to his PST and deleted several messages and moved several messages to other folders (different PC and different user logon attached to his PST). Close the PST - and several hours later - reopen the PST and everthing has reverted back. I'm stumped ...

    Makes no sense that we can move from Exchange to the PST just fine ... but cannot move / delete inside the PST.

    Thank you sincerely for any input / guidance on this.

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    Re: PST restores itself ...

    Do they have MODIFY permission on the PST file?
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      Re: PST restores itself ...

      How big is the pst? Don't think you can use scanpst.exe when the mail is connected to the mailbox...