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Outlook pop account creation

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  • Outlook pop account creation

    Hi there,

    I host multiple companies under one major company. What this means is that I have to set up email addresses for each user for every single company that we have, and then set up rules to filter the mail to seperate folders that I have to create. This can be a timely process. We are using POP mail, and I am creating outlook profiles that are sending and receiving directly to the POP mail servers. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to automate this process, given a single alias that the user uses as their email address (ie. [email protected], [email protected] etc.), generic server names (ie., etc.) for both POP and SMTP servers, and a generic password. I would need it to set up the mail accounts based on the provided/given information, set up a seperate folder for each mail account, and set up a rule for each company filtering that companies mail to the appropriate folder. Any ideas?

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    Re: Outlook pop account creation


    Welcome to the forum.

    Sounds like you need a mail server! Fastmail offer multiple domains, IMAP, and some other useful features.


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      Re: Outlook pop account creation

      No, I am actualy happy with my server.
      I want a script that (based on some input) can:
      1- create the accounts in outlook
      2- create folders for each account
      3- create a rule for each folder to move incoming email directly to the folder.

      I know this is not a simple thing I am asking for, I am willing to pay a programmer to do this.


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        Re: Outlook pop account creation

        you may want to look at AutoIT. It's a scripting / programming utility (pretty easy). We use it to automate installs of programs like Adobe Acrobat, and in the past we've used it to set up Outlook accounts. You could use it to do this, and even ask for some input from the end user, and base the config on what they typed in (e.g. user name).

        There are of course tools from Microsoft that do this, but Google can sort you out on that
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