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Hotmail + Outlook Express

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  • Hotmail + Outlook Express

    Has anyone used Outlook Express to send or receive their Emails through their Hotmail account recently? It's been a few days that I have not been able to use Outlook Express to access my Hotmail Emails.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    Try using Outlook 2003. It is working for me.

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      Is there a free version and can it be run on W2K?

      What would happen to my existing mails in various folders of my Outlook Express - would they get overwritten?



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        Outlook 2003 will run on Win2K. Outlook does not overwrite Outlook Express when it is installed. Emails (and folders), address book and mail accounts can be imported from Outlook Express into Outlook 2003.

        Could someone move this thread into the approprite forum. Thanks.
        Learner1, please do not cross post (double post) messages. Thank you.
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          Sorry about the cross post. I did that after realising my post was on the wrong thread. I think a delete option should be provided to the owner of the post for cases like this -

          I managed to sort out my Outlook Express problem - it was a bad header in one of my emails which was causing it - by deleting it I can now connect to my hotmail account ok.

          Thank you to those who replied to my problem.