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  • Outlook 2002 IMAP sent items

    Hi, apart from upgrading to 2007 or using rules does anyone know how to get Outlook 2002 to store sent items on the server and not in your local PST file.

    Either I am missing something obvious or the functionality of outlook 2002 is not up to scratch!


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    Re: Outlook 2002 IMAP sent items

    Tools... Email Accounts... View or Change existing email accounts.

    Bottom left there's a combo box selector which allows you to choose the default delivery location. If you're using "Microsoft Exchange Server" as the mail service provider then simply choose "Mailbox - [Name]" as the default delivery location. Otherwise the only SENSIBLE option is to choose a PST file because other mail services do not allow Outlook to remain connected permanently to the mailbox like Exchange does.

    P.S. There is no way to ONLY redirect "Sent Items". Sent Items go to <Default Delivery Location>\Sent Items. Tasks go to <Default Delivery Location>\Tasks, etc - i.e. the "Default Folders" are created as sub-folders of the Default Delivery Location and they are the ones in use. The only way to make this appear to be happening is to have the DDL as the mailbox, and set a rule which moves all incoming mail to the PST file unconditionally... bearing in mind that incoming meeting requests etc would be processed by placing an item in THE MAILBOX CALENDAR, not in the PST File calendar.
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