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  • BCC Notification

    Does anyone know a way to visually notify a user when he is looking at an email that he was BCC'd on?

    Some users fail to notice and do a reply-to-all, which of course ends up causing a lot of angry phone calls from the sender of the email.

    I looked in Rules & Alerts but found nothing ... Also, outlook doesn't display any kind of notification by default.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: BCC Notification

    Yes... smack users who don't RTFS* properly round the side of the head. Honestly this is a user education issue - if the mail doesn't list you as an addressee then you were BCC'd simple as that. There is no way to configure Outlook or Exchange to alert for this - it's just down to recipients taking a bit of care.

    *RTFS: read the screen

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      Re: BCC Notification

      Well after you finish smacking them....

      Create a rule as follows.
      1. Tools menu,
      2. Rules and alerts,
      3. New rule button (near the top left),
      4. select the lower radio button "start from a blank rule",
      5. make sure "check messages when they arrive" is highlighted,
      6. next,
      7. check "where my name is not in the to box",
      8. next,
      9. check the "assign it to the category category",
      10. click the word 'category' in the lower box,
      11. check 'business' (you can pick what you like, don't go adding new ones....),
      12. next,
      13. next,
      14. check both boxes,
      15. finish.

      Phew; almost done.
      while in the inbox...
      1. right click the column header line,
      2. Customize current view,
      3. Automatic formating button,
      4. add button
      5. give it a name (eg. BCC)
      6. Condition button near bottom
      7. Advanced tab
      8. Field button (with the arrow)
      9. All mail fields > select categories
      10. categories will fill in the field under the button field
      11. change condition to 'is(exactly)'
      12. type 'Business'
      13. hit OK
      14. click the font button
      15. change the color (near the bottom left) to something loud and scary (blue, red, etc...)
      16. Hit OK
      17. OK again
      18. OK again

      TADA, pretty colors in the inbox!
      This is ALOT to do for a user, never mind a whole company, but it works. Once you understand what is going on though it will only take a few minutes per user.

      I am thinking of how to script this or push it out on a domain level....need to think.

      If anyone has any ideas on how to trim this....please comment.

      Tested on 2003 only!
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        Re: BCC Notification

        Here is slimed down version, but not universal as it needs the users name. If someone knows the users name or full name variable that can be used please post.

        Here goes.
        Continuing and replacing further, from step 8 of the second section
        (the first section can be totally ignored, YAY)
        • Address fields > to
        • Condition = doesn't contain
        • value = the user name.

        continue with step 13 above (second section)

        But is more susceptible to human error in the spelling of the username, that variable would be awesome!.
        "...if I turn out to be particularly clear, you've probably misunderstood what I've said” - Alan Greenspan


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          Re: BCC Notification

          the problem with that method is that it will mark any email that is sent to a distribution list as a BCC.

          For example, if the user is a member of a distribution group called "Staff" and the sender sends an email to "Staff", the user's name and email address will not appear in the "To" field.