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unable to access Archive after reinstallation

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  • unable to access Archive after reinstallation

    After a reinstall of my system,
    I am unable to access my archive.
    I keep on getting 2 different error-messages :
    if I try to archive to it I get access is denied
    if I try to open the archive I get the error out of memory or system resources

    Probably it has to see with using different names during the installation process of my Windows XP Pro-machine?

    maybe some specs :

    A64 3500+ 2GB DDR400
    archive size 1.10 GB

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    Re: unable to access Archive after reinstallation

    Archive on my system is located under the User's folder. If you have reinstalled XP then you will probably have a "new" Documents and Settings folder even if you have used the same username to logon. Look at the Documents and Settings and see if there is a folder username.000 and one with the same username but without the three zeros. The access denied error is likely to be you not having permission to access the old folder location that the Archive file was at before the reinstall. Move the archive file to the location of your present PST file.

    If none of this makes any sense, please post back with a screenshot of your Documents and Settings folders, expanded so we can see the user account folder names.
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      Re: unable to access Archive after reinstallation

      What type of reinstall did you do??