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Problem with calendars appearing blank in Outlook 2003

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  • Problem with calendars appearing blank in Outlook 2003

    We're using Outlook 2003 SP2 and Exchange 2003 SP2 (running on Win XP Pro and SBS 2003, respectively) and having a problem on one computer (user A). User A is opening her own Exchange mailbox and another user's (user B) in Outlook. User B has two calendars, one is a subfolder of her regular calendar. User A accesses both of these calendars, plus her own.

    The problem is that when user A first opens Outlook and goes to Calendar view, her calendar is blank. If she tries to select any of the other calendars, they are also blank. But if she opens Folder List view and selects either of User B's calendars from there, they open correctly. She can then go directly back to Calendar view and User B's calendar will be open correctly. At that point, she can select her own calendar and view it correctly. If she ONLY has User B's calendars open, she can go back and forth between whichever views she wants and the calendars will be okay. But if she has her personal calendar open and tries to switch views to anything else and then go back to Calendar view, all calendars will be blank again. At that point, she has to navigate to User B's calendars in Folder List view again to get anything to show up.

    So the main problem seems to be that Outlook isn't able to display her personal calendar correctly when it tries to open it as the default in Calendar view, and then it won't display any other calendars either.

    User B has no problems on her computer.

    Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!