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Outlook 2003 recurring appointment problem

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  • Outlook 2003 recurring appointment problem

    Hi all -
    Does anyone know how to end an endless recurring appointment without deleting all past entries in the series from being deleted? For example, I have a meeting that occurs every Monday from 1-2pm. I set this up in 2006 to be a recurring appointment with no end date. However, now I'd like to delete this event as the meeting no longer occurs. But when I go to the event and "open the series" and then click on "Recurrence" and select "Remove Recurrence," it deletes ALL entries in the series (except the first one from 2006). If I revise the 'appointment recurrence' and set a new 'end by' date (say to yesterday), it recreates all the entries from the start to this end date (and will place the event in the past where it might have been deleted - and I'm wanting to preserve accurate past events). Any help anyone has is greatly appreciated.