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Uhmmm Strage Problem With Outlook 2003

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  • Uhmmm Strage Problem With Outlook 2003

    We are using Outlook 2003 SP2 connecting to Exchange 2003 SP2 a small number of users have recently encountered a problem that we are finding difficult to diagnose.

    The problem occurs when you are replying or forwarding an email - it puts my own name in the From field in Outlook then displays the following message:-

    "You do not have permission to send on behalf of the specified user" - it is my own name that is in the From field - clear that out the mail goes fine.

    Anyone come across this problem before, I would be grateful for any help as it's driving me mad.


    The plot thickens - we are using Symantec Enterprise Vault to auto archive emails, if I reply or forward an archived email it works fine however if the email is still in Exchange or in a pending archive state the problem above occurs