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set the starting day as saturday in outlook

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  • set the starting day as saturday in outlook

    Hi guys,

    I want to know how I can set the staring day in MS outlook 2003 to Saturday. I try to do it from the outlook option and the view in my calendar change from Monday to Saturday. However, when I make a new appointment and set the recurrence to daily "every weekday” the starting day still show as Monday??

    I need to set the outlook to recognize that Saturday in the staring day not Monday.

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    Re: set the starting day as saturday in outlook

    any ideas
    guys i need your help


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      Re: set the starting day as saturday in outlook

      Being the Middle East and a non-Western company, I take it your work week is Saturday - Wednesday w/ Thursday and Friday as your weekend?

      Try making your first day of week Friday and your work week Saturday - Wednesday. That's a straight shift from the Sunday / Monday - Friday Western schedule.

      For Outlook 2007, here's what I found:

      I'm still running Outlook 2003 (like you and 80% of the M$ community) and "Tools\Options\Preferences Tab\Calendar Option Button" gives you all the options you could want.

      If you are having issues, post a screen shot of your "Calendar Options" dialog so we can see exactly what you're setting.

      Next Q on how to roll out via GPO -- someone else will have to step in.
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