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"Not found" when sending Outlook 2003 attachments

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  • "Not found" when sending Outlook 2003 attachments

    Hi all

    Our firm has recently upgraded from Outlook 2002 on XP SP1 to Outlook 2003 on XP SP2. We have noticed an increase in the number of "Not found" messages that people receive when trying to send an email/appointment containing an attachment(s). These attachments are inserted via 'Insert menu --> Item', then selecting another email.

    The backend is Exchange 2003 and hasn't changed, only the clients have changed. Although, when we first migrated to Outlook 2003, we left Cached Exchange Mode (CEM) on, but have subsequently turned it off for a number of users will very large (5GB+) mailboxes, experiencing a noticeable degradation in performance. Microsoft do not recommend enabling CEM on mailboxes over 1GB.

    However, the "not found" message occurs across the firm, not on one particular Outlook setup. I thought this would have been a known issue, but I cannot find any info on the web anywhere.

    Could it be that the transition from CEM to 'online mode', has meant a batch of emails are still cached locally only and the rest are stored on the Exchange server? Would re-enabling CEM on a problem machine resolve this issue? (I will try...)

    I have searched MS Support website and google'd it, but no joy.

    Has anyone else seen this issue before? Do you know what the fix is please?

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