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Outlook Express won't send mail to a specific organization

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  • Outlook Express won't send mail to a specific organization

    My boss (home system) has a Dell computer with WinXPSP1 and Outlook Express, all current up to but not SP2.
    She can send and receive mail normally to everyone except people at our business organization.
    When she tries to send mail to work she sees a magnifying glass in the tray area. It appears that Outlook Express is trying to find the email address. She has tried to use the adress in her addressbook and typing it directly into the email send to box. Either way the result is the same.
    Any ideas??
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    No disrespect to your boss but I suspect the issue is user error...

    Typically Outlook Express will send a message to the address without trying to resolve an address, that is unless you enter the address in a non-standard format. By this I mean, you enter just the person's name "Bob" or "John Doe" instead of the actual email address "[email protected]". If the email address is properly formed most email clients [including Outlook] will fire the message and forget. You will eventually receive a bounced message, but determining whether or not the recipient address you entered does in fact exist is usually left to the recipient's server. A user's machine usually isn't aware of any address outside of its Address Book and/or Exchange's Global Catalog

    It is possilbe that there is some 3rd party app that's checking the address, but Outlook by itself won't stop you or check an address if it is entered correctly and completely - whether the address exists or not.

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