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Printing "Activities" tab in a Contact window

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  • Printing "Activities" tab in a Contact window

    Does anyone know how to print the "Activities" tab in a contact window? The tab does a search for any Outlook items that match up to the contact you are viewing. Its a very handy way to create a list of all correspondence but I haven't been able to print it! The only solution I've thought of has been to do a printscreen, which is not ideal.


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    Re: Printing "Activities" tab in a Contact window

    Highlight the rows you would like to print (or all), right click, print. Then on the next window choose 'all rows' or 'only selected rows'. Finally (this is key) pick table style or memo style. Table style prints only what you see, memo style is everything (entire contents of all emails)

    Tip: Right click on the header of column and go to 'field chooser', add 'received' (drag it to the header row) or any other field. When you print the table view those columns will print as well

    Let me know if you need any clarification, or have any other questions.
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      Re: Printing "Activities" tab in a Contact window

      Thanks! Your instructions worked like a charm. At first I tried going to File - Print... but that did not work. i had to right click and click print in order to get it to work.

      I'm glad I stumbled upon this forum, I've posted two questions and I've gotten replies on both!