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  • Send As issue

    I have a user that has access to "Send As" from several mailboxes, however, when they go to compose a new mail message, the option to add a "from" line is no longer listed.
    The little down arrow next to options is no logner there, so Bcc can't be added either.
    I believe they are using Word03 as their email editor
    Outlook 2003, 11.8118.8122, SP2

    any ideas would be helpfull aside from creating a new profile

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    Re: Send As issue

    From a new message window, try View -> From. Does the From button show?

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      Re: Send As issue

      i was told she is using word as her email editor (default from our image)... i will double check as i forgot to check that when i looked at her machine.


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        Re: Send As issue

        You need to stop Word being the e-mail editor. Untick the box on the Mail Format tab in Tools > Options. Then From and BBC will appear in the View Menu of a new message.
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          Re: Send As issue

          those are work arounds not fixes to the issue. I ended up building a new machine for the user, after trying a bunch of other things, and eveything appears to be working correctly.

          I would still like to know how the drop down arrow disappeared from the "options area"