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Outlook 2K Delegate access and subfolder permissions

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  • Outlook 2K Delegate access and subfolder permissions

    I am trying to setup access to a subfolder of another user's exchange inbox in outlook 2k.
    I am a delegate of the other user, with "editor" access to his inbox. Within his inbox is a sufolder which I need access to. Within the permissions of this subfolder, I have been added as an "editor".

    Then I open my outlook and select file-open-other user's folder, select his name, and select "inbox" which is the only suitable option from the list. This opens the user's inbox, but I cannot see any folder list, or outlook bar which will allow me access to the required subfolder.

    Please help...[/b]

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    Delegate access and subfolders

    I have found a pdf file that outlines the solution quite well, if anyone else is having the same difficulty.
    Larry docs/outlook_2000_granting-access_win.pdf