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Weird Outlook 2003 problem

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  • Weird Outlook 2003 problem

    I have a clean install of Outlook 2003 (and the rest of the Office 2003 suite) on a new PC I have built and Outlook is updated to SP2.

    The problem is this, when new mail arrives, irrespective of which of my mail accounts it comes from, it shows against "inbox" in the left hand mail pane but does not appear in the main inbox view. If I close Outlook and click on the mail envelope icon in systray Outlook opens with the unread mail correctly displayed. I can also get the unread items to display properly by right clicking on inbox in the mail pane and selecting open.

    I have an IPAQ 5550 synched via Activesynch 4.2 and this updates itself and works fine.With the IPAQ disconnected and Activesynch not running the problem still persists.

    I have checked every option I can find in Outlook and compared it to another PC that I have which uses the same shared network ADSL connection.

    I am baffled, any thoughts etc welcomed.



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    Re: Weird Outlook 2003 problem

    It may not be an outlook setting doing this.

    If you have installed outlook 2003 on a windows xp machine with sp2. you may want to try adding outlook executable to the windows firewall exceptions.

    if this does not work you can try to do a detect and repair from the help menu. You will need the office cd as it may prompt you for it