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Lync 2013 and Aastra/Generic SIP phones?

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  • Lync 2013 and Aastra/Generic SIP phones?


    Have a few hopefully basic questions here. Have spent some time searching but havenít come up with definite answers to our specific questions.

    Our situation: We are a small office, currently using 8 IP phones (Aastra 6755i) from 8x8. We have a Lync 2013 server, as well as a SIP trunk from a provider. We hope to use Lync and the SIP service to replace 8x8. This would accomplish two things: allow us to secure our SIP traffic (no TLS option at 8x and evaluate Lync for future use/resale. Many Lync functions may have use to our customers but have little value for our internal use Ė we are using it because a license is available through our Partner membership. The direction Iíve received is to proceed only if our existing phones can be used.

    Hereís my direct question: Can we connect our existing Packet8 phones to the Lync server? We DO need to replicate the functionality we already have: place and receive calls, transfer, park, VM etc. We do NOT care about presence or any other Lync-specific functionality.

    Iíve seen so many differing answers to this question that I donít trust what Iíve seen in forums. Our SIP vendorís feedback is that SIP-capable phones can act as SIP endpoints in Lync, however the prevailing wisdom I see in forums says this isnít possible, or it is possible only with a mediation server/proxy and donít bother.

    Any guidance offered will be helpful. Obviously, we are not immersed in phone tech and may be missing something fundamental here.


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    Re: Lync 2013 and Aastra/Generic SIP phones?

    You can't just use any 'old' SIP phone with Lync. So if your phone isn't listed here:

    Then it simply means your handset isn't supported for Lync.