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  • Central Forest Lync 2010

    I would like to create Lync 2010 Central Forest.

    This is my situation:
    I have root domain : root.domain and to subdomains : company.root.domain and group.root.domain in my main forest.
    Lync 2010 is in domain: When I add new user (USER1) to group.root.domain - it has access to lync.
    And now what I want to do:
    - I have another domain:new.local in another forest.
    -I disable the created user - USER1 in subdomain group.root.domain
    - I create the same name user in domain: new.local
    -I copy from USER1 (from resource forest -subdomain new.local ) the attribute objectSid into disabled USERS1 attribute msrtcsip-SidOriginator in main forest - domain group.root.domain.
    Created accounts are clear: there is only First Name and Account Name. I don't have mailbox linked.
    There is one way trust between domains: grupa.root.domain and new.local .
    I would like to have access to Lync from domain: new.local.
    What I made wrong?
    P.S. I am going to copy all attributes manually. But maybe you can recommend good script.
    Best Regards,