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Lync not working after Office 365 upgrade? Some tips >>

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  • Lync not working after Office 365 upgrade? Some tips >>


    Recently i.e. last to last week we got upgraded to Office365 & I went through 1 common problem for some user accounts which got resolved and I would like to post the solution here.

    We have our accounts hosted at Microsoft's data center so they managing backend scenario.

    Problem statement :- for some users Lync wasn't working after Office365 upgrade.

    Resolution :-

    -Go to your mailbox admin page. In my case I went to

    - Reset the password for user.

    - Set new password by visiting [ URL varies depending upon your home link ]

    - Now uninstall "Microsoft online service sign-on assistance"

    - Go again at & click on 'Configure Lync'.

    - Finish configuration of Lync.

    - Now open Lync to sign in. It asks to install "Microsoft online service sign-on assistance". Downlaod the said version i.e .7.x

    - Now while logging it asks for password. Put the password and you'll be able to login successfully.

    FYI :- This worked on Windows XP Pro with SP3 machines. So don't worry about OS compatibility.

    -Many users in my oganization faced this strange problem where Lync was working at partial upgrade but after full upgrade to Office365, Lync stopped working. Outlook started giving problem.

    - Also, I suggest not to waste your bandwidth & time in pushing any windows updates. I tried that too. Doesn't help.

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