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"Create New Workflow" button not visible on Response Group Service

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  • "Create New Workflow" button not visible on Response Group Service


    Operating System- Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition.

    I am trying to configure response group service in ocs to provide IVR facilities.

    After creating contact object, agents, ques and group, when I click on NEW WORKFLOW on Response Group Service Properties, the web browser comes up with the page having a heading of 'Response Group Configuration Tool' but the expected templates are missing on this page.NO hyperlinks, just plain text on this page.

    I also added the address in internet browsers trusted sites.
    but my problem is still there.

    really appreciate if someone could identify exactly what i am missing that i m not having template page of response group correctly.

    attached screen shot has details of what I am getting the screen as and What the help/documentation shows.

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    Re: "Create New Workflow" button not visible on Response Group Service


    My problem got solved, I noticed in the IIS, for rgs web directory I had kept "Anonymous" ticked, when I unticked this it worked. It is now showing the desired options of "Create Workflow" etc.

    Both the times "Integrated Security" was ticked.

    I got one more problem is not directly related to this one, but let me write here, I will post another query searching the forums.

    We have developed workflow using Speech Server 2007 Developer, now I want to use the my workflow created using Speech Server 2007 developer on OCS 2007. I am searching for this, if do not find any resources will post a new thread on forum.