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[Q]OCS 2007 R2 32bits vs 64 bits difference?

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  • [Q]OCS 2007 R2 32bits vs 64 bits difference?

    Hi all,

    i have the following details:
    network consists of AD2003 (with 1 2008 server ,running Exchange 2007)

    now i want to implement OCS 2007 R2
    1) local logins should only be allowed to communicate with internal users, (chat only)
    2) 8 external users ,notknown yet, or trusted by the AD (eg home users)
    should be able to connect to a videoconference (view screen only)
    voice is going over "analoge line"

    there is no VOIP yet,no other IM,running

    ive upgraded the AD-schema using OCS2007 R2 64 bits setup.
    however this oned does require a SQL 2005 to be able to put the data

    therefor my questions,
    is it possible to spoof the installer to install over SQL 2005 express?
    or can the question 1& 2 be solved by the 32bit version?
    Since there is a big size difference in these 2 also
    32bit is 6 GB
    64bit is 1 GB

    Kind Regards

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    Re: [Q]OCS 2007 R2 32bits vs 64 bits difference?

    prob solved it myself

    the 32 version is the speechserver,which we don't need
    the 64 version R2 only runs on sql 2005

    so basicly for the time being i start with 32 bits version of R1 (since this one runs on the SQL express.

    and in the future we upgrade