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OCS 2007 Deployment

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  • OCS 2007 Deployment

    Hello All,

    I need to rollout OCS 2007 into our current Network.

    The goal is to use the Exchange integration, IM functionality, and Conferencing but most of all for testing and evaluating the product.

    I plan to use a single server deployment as stated in the OCS Planning Guide, however in that document it states that the single server deployment doesn't support the following -
    No external user access, including federation, public IM connectivity, anonymous user participation in Web conferencing and no external user access to audio and video conferencing or media

    My question is this - does 'external' mean outside of the physical network or outside of domain?

    We want remote users to be able to take advantage of the product will the single server deployment support this?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: OCS 2007 Deployment

    No it means you can't talk talk to other forests, AIM, ICQ, MSN etc.

    As long as you don't need that you're fine.