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Where to set up the public PTR record?

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  • Where to set up the public PTR record?


    I have just talked to my DNS provider, and they are telling me I have to talk to my ISP provider, for them to set up a PTR DNS record.

    I want to set up that record because of that validation that the receiving email servers do to check whether or not an email's source is a spammer.

    Is that so?, I mean, I thought it was my DNS provider the authoritative source to map my public ip to a hostname, like --->

    They tell me it is the owner of my IP who has to do so.

    Thanks in advance!
    Madrid (Spain).

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    Re: Where to set up the public PTR record?

    The PTR is set on the IP address, so your ISP has to set it.
    You will need a matching A record pointing to the same address though for it to be completely valid.

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