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Migrating from One Hosted Exchange to another

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  • Migrating from One Hosted Exchange to another

    Dear Forum,

    I currently have a client that wants to change hosted exchange providers. It is easy enough for me to export the ost to a pst from the current hosted exchange.

    Once I want to upload the pst to the target (New) exchange server, I have to do everything manually.

    There is no way I can find for me to import a pst in to an ost.

    Does anyone out there know of any tool that can accomplish this?

    Kind regards,

    Justin Stock

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    Re: Migrating from One Hosted Exchange to another

    There are loads of tools available to assist with the migration. Whether it is worth using them is a different matter.

    A straight import in to the new environment will work. However replies to old emails, calendars etc will not work unless you can set the X.500 address correctly.

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      Re: Migrating from One Hosted Exchange to another

      save time and effort..

      use MigrationWiz.

      I used it to do a imap-to-gmail recently. The client had a 0.7M uplink, it would have taken me hours and hours and hours and hours and years, to upload the data (8 mailboxes, averaging something like 4GB each.)

      Cost me $12.00 per mailbox, I charged them $25 per box and explained that I could sit there and babysit the uploads, but it would take forever (at $expensive per hour) or I could use this, complete the whole thing in 3 hours (3*$exp + 8*$25) rather than (8*$exp)
      Captured eveyrthing.

      I used similar to go rackspace-exchange to googleapps..
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