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Permission in forest with multi Domain

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  • Permission in forest with multi Domain


    Our environment:

    One Forest with multi domain
    The root domain named
    My domain named

    each domain separated in administration

    Case: after the root admin prepared forest and his domain admin install exchange 2013

    after root complete installation I prepared my domain and install exchange server in mydomain

    after installation I can't admin my mail server, I logged as view only.

    I checked my domain (not root domain) I didn't found any group related to exchange server 2013

    What is the steps to allowed me to take full permission on Exchnage servers in only

    Please advise

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    Re: Permission in forest with multi Domain

    You really should contact the IT team in your root domain as IIRC the Exchange groups are all located in that domain structure.


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      Re: Permission in forest with multi Domain

      Thanks for support

      I am already work on it and sent to root admin to create 2 Role Groups as below:

      1st scope is Severlist include our exchange server
      Roles assigned to MyDomain Server as below:

      Database Copies
      Exchange Connectors
      Exchange Server Certificates
      Exchange Servers
      Exchange Virtual Directories
      POP3 And IMAP4 Protocols
      Receive Connectors
      Transport Queues
      Audit Logs
      Message Tracking
      Retention Management
      Transport Rules
      E-Mail Address Policies
      Address Lists

      2nd scope ServerRestrictionFilter

      New -ManagementScope -Name "MyDomain Management" -ServerRestrictionFilter {ServerSite -eq "CN=MySite,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=main,DC=co m"}

      Assigned Roles
      Mailbox Search
      User Options
      View-Only Recipients
      Distribution Groups
      Mail Enabled Public Folders
      Mail Recipient Creation
      Mail Recipients
      Message Tracking
      Move Mailboxes
      Recipient Policies
      Team Mailboxes

      Please advise if i need more