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2010 Anti spam filter updates (lack of)

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  • 2010 Anti spam filter updates (lack of)

    We're always quick to update the fortnightly IMF anti-spam filter updates, but no further updates have been released since v3.3.14519.472 on the 21st Jan. This problem has affected both our Hubs. Anti Spam is still enabled but WU has not offered any filter updates in more than 6 weeks. We're now seeing an inevitable increase in spam delivery so are anxious to get this resolved ASAP.

    Has anyone else been affected?

    Have Microsoft suddenly pulled the plug on IMF updates?

    We're running Exchange 2010 SP3 rollup 8-v2


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    Re: 2010 Anti spam filter updates (lack of)

    Still no further IMF Updates offered by Microsoft Update since 20 Jan. I'm told that MS have NOT discontinued IMF Updates for 2010 but 70 days without any IMF Updates and I'm beginning to doubt this myself.

    Obviously Exchange 2010 is now in Extended Support but this is meant to still include IMF Updates so if anyone has any insight on this please share them


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      Re: 2010 Anti spam filter updates (lack of)

      Im also searching the net for this answer, yours was the only thread questioning it i found. Any news?
      I am running 2010 and 2007 exchange and both IMF updates have stopped.
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        Re: 2010 Anti spam filter updates (lack of)

        Not sure if it's connected but MS have just released Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection which is chargeable unlike IMF security updates.


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          The updates for the anti-spam filter built in to Exchange 2010 should have resumed yesterday.
          No explanation from Microsoft as to the reason why they stopped though.

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            Anti-spam Filter Update v3.3.14920.485 installed