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  • Internal Email to Junk?

    Hi all,

    I have a user (User A) who is claiming that SOME emails from another user (User B) are going straight to his "Junk E-Mail Folder" in Outlook 2010, and that is why he is "missing" them.

    Basically, he is claiming that he is not seeing some emails as a result of this "fault".

    We are pretty sure he (User A) is full of crap and merely making excuses for not replying when he should have.

    I have heard of no other issues internally. I can't imagine this is actually true. How can I verify this, if at all? Is there any setting in the Outlook client (other than a rule which I already checked) that would have caused this?

    He is either telling the truth or lying. I need to determine, if possible, which it is.


    PS. We use Exchange 2010...

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    Re: Internal Email to Junk?

    Hi There,
    We sort of have the same issue at my workplace.
    Though in my case ALL of my email goes into the junkmail folder of my boss. It Started around a month ago.
    Its exchange 2013 and the clients are outlook 2010.
    I'll repost when I with some more info.
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      Re: Internal Email to Junk?

      Hi, if you right click the e-mail and choose Junk there are these options below. Could be worth a try.
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