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how to ECP works..

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  • how to ECP works..

    Hi Everybody..

    I have two exchange server in my environment Exchange1 and Exchange2 ,both of them have CAS role and MBX role and there is no DAG configuration...

    And my questions;

    i go to OWA on exchange1 (https://exchange1/OWA) to check mails with User1 and send an mail...and then i go to OWA again this time on Exchange2 (https://exchange2/OWA) can i see the mail on exchange2 which i sent from exchange1 ? if yes how it happen
    ? exchange2 just brings mails from exchange1 to show me but actually are they on exchange1 ? so if exchange1 go down what will happen ?

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    Re: how to ECP works..

    OWA is just a client.
    It has nothing to do with the server that your mailbox is on.
    Therefore if you login in to OWA on server 2 and the mailbox is hosted on server 1, then you will see the data.

    Just as you would if you loaded Outlook from another machine.

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