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Exchange 2010 relay lookup issue

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  • Exchange 2010 relay lookup issue


    I am very close now to eventually removing our Exchange 2003 server!

    There are basically just a few systems relaying of the server which I need to move over to Exchange 2010.

    Most have gone well but there are a couple of systems that don't seem to want to play ball. Is there a change in the way Exchange 2010 handles relay lookups?

    I ask because the system used to have just the email alias when using 2003 but this does not seem to work with 2010.

    A telnet session to the old 2003 server shows that by putting the alias in it resolves the full address but when using a telnet session to 2010 it states it is an invalid address.

    Have I missed a setting on 2010?


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    Re: Exchange 2010 relay lookup issue

    Found the answer.

    It seems that Exchange 2010 does not add the domain to an alias as 2003 used to.

    however this can be fixed by setting the default domain name on the Receive Connector used for internal SMTp traffic.

    Done by using the following command:

    Set-ReceiveConnector "Nameofconnector" -DefaultDomain 'domainname'

    This then appends the domain name if needed to resolve the address.

    Hope this helps others if needed.