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update address book

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  • update address book

    hi all ,

    i have exchange server 2010 in my network. i have a problem in outlook 2010 that installed in my users. when i creating any user in my active directory and new mailbox from exist (A.D) , my clients in my network, they cant see them(new user) in their address books .
    this problem arose from a month a go. I've updated Default offline address but this problem is not resolved.
    meanwhile : the users who, used outlook 2013 they don't have this problem.

    Please tell me any solution. Thank you ..

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    Re: update address book

    So you create a new user in AD, then create a new mailbox.
    Users with outlook 2013 can see the new mailbox in the address list,but users with Outlook 2010 cannot ?

    Have you done "get-globaladdresslist | update-globaladdresslist | get-offlineaddressbook | update-offlineaddressbook" ?

    If so - what happens if you manually download the OAB?
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      Re: update address book


      Try this.

      In Mailbox server->Exchange Management Shell->
      Update-globaladdresslist -identity "default global address list"(your address list's name)

      If you have a clustered environment, do this on every member of the cluster.

      Wait some time, then do a manual update of address book on outlook clients(Outlook->Send/receive tab->send/receive groups->download the address book)

      Hope this reply.