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Unable to remove Calender/Request - 4207818

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  • Unable to remove Calender/Request - 4207818

    Hi ,

    Wonder if you guys know anything about this,

    I have the user who experiencing the issue with removing the appointment that have been created on her own mailbox.

    Error from Outlook Web Access - You've exceeded the storage limit for your mailbox. Delete some items from your mailbox.

    Error from Outlook 2010 - Some items cannot be deleted. they were either moved or already deleted or access was denied.

    Mailbox size is currently 323MB
    Maximum size limit for mailbox database is 900MB

    When I run PS command , here is what I get
    Get-MailboxFolderStatistics -Identity "user" -folderscope Calendar

    FolderType : Calendar
    ItemsInFolder : 4627
    DeletedItemsInFolder : 0
    FolderSize : 66.97 MB (70,220,014 bytes)
    ItemsInFolderAndSubfolders : 4627
    DeletedItemsInFolderAndSubfolders : 0
    FolderAndSubfolderSize : 66.97 MB (70,220,014 bytes)
    OldestItemReceivedDate :
    NewestItemReceivedDate :
    OldestDeletedItemReceivedDate :
    NewestDeletedItemReceivedDate :
    OldestItemLastModifiedDate :
    NewestItemLastModifiedDate :
    OldestDeletedItemLastModifiedDate :
    NewestDeletedItemLastModifiedDate :
    ManagedFolder :
    TopSubject :
    TopSubjectSize : 0 B (0 bytes)
    TopSubjectCount : 0
    TopSubjectClass :
    TopSubjectPath :
    TopSubjectReceivedTime :
    TopSubjectFrom :
    TopClientInfoForSubject :
    TopClientInfoCountForSubject : 0

    I even checked in "Mailbox Size Restrictions". As the result there is NO Size restriction for this user.

    When trying to move the current mailbox database via the Exchange Console. I also got this error
    - Mailbox dumpster size 30GB exceeds targets quota 30GB.

    Can anyone please assist me this ?

    Many Thanks
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    Re: Unable to remove Calender/Request - 4207818

    If using Cached Mode, have you tried deleting the Profile (OST) and recreating it? (There endth my Exchange knowledge )

    If that doesn't/hasn't worked, what version of Exchange are you using, including any Service Pack.


    Slow night so I went to Google it (but I didn't Bing it). See if this helps.

    Not a solution but this is sort of related to your question (I think). Just thought it was interesting.
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      Re: Unable to remove Calender/Request - 4207818

      Try running a mailbox repair against that mailbox.

      If that doesn't work, try moving the mailbox to another database.

      The error message isn't really valid - it is a generic Outlook message.

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        Re: Unable to remove Calender/Request - 4207818

        take a look at this page.
        don't just blindly run the -deletecontent command - go over everything first and make sure you understand..

        for the first command, you could probaly do "get-mailbox <alias> | bla | bla" rather than running it against all mailboxes
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