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Exchange 2007 to O365 Migration

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  • Exchange 2007 to O365 Migration

    we are in preparation to migrate our organization from Exch2k7 to O365, we currently have our default access to internet (as well as OWA, Outlook anywhere) through a slow internet link which will cause slow mailbox migration to O365, so we would like to use another link (100Mb/s) to migrate, for this, we were asked to :
    - add a second IP addresse to the Exchange server
    - create another IIS website and create another rpc folder on this site
    - publish a public URL to access the new website ( and route traffic through the high spped link
    - use this new URL to connect O365 to our exchange server

    do you think this will work ? if yes, how should we configure the second rpc folder ? should i just create the folder and configure it the same way the default rpc folder (in the default website) ?


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    Re: Exchange 2007 to O365 Migration

    Why not just move all of Exchange access to the high speed link? That way all you need to do is update the firewall rules and the DNS. Exchange can be left alone.

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      Re: Exchange 2007 to O365 Migration

      It's not that easy from a network perspective, as not all our sites are in the same country.


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        Re: Exchange 2007 to O365 Migration

        I suggest that what you might need to do is:

        - Add internal IP address to exchange CAS server. Ideally on a separate interface if possible.
        - firewall team forwards public IP to the internal address of the server created above.
        - create public DNS registration ( for instancE)
        - both interfaces use the same RPC website, no point creating a new one that I can see
        - edit your SSL certificate so that it includes the new public name/SAN above.
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