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DAG Datacenter switchover limitations

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  • DAG Datacenter switchover limitations


    I am planning to set up a DRP datacenter primarily for our exchange infrastructure, The reason i am considering DRP is because our head office had been suffering from a repeated internet down time and the discussions with our ISP are not going anywhere, And since email is the blood line of our business, management have approved the cost for DRP,

    Now the problem is - even during internet downtime, and after the DRP site is activated our internal users would need to keep exchanging email.

    All the scenarios that i have looked at are for situations where the primary datacenter goes down and the DRP is activated, So Is this possible or am i creating a scenario that has not even been considered by MS ?
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    Re: DAG Datacenter switchover limitations

    It has been considered and discounted.
    Basically what you are referring to is split brain. The DAG is specifically designed to stop that from happening.
    There is no way that you can keep both sides running.

    About the only thing you could do is have email come in via the second site, where it will queue for delivery. You could then use a 3g dongle to make the link between the two for email for flow.

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