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Help locating recipient using ADSIedit

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  • Help locating recipient using ADSIedit

    I have an issue where our Exchange 2007 server periodically goes to 100% CPU, at these times we get the following in the App log

    "/o=xxxx/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=support44539427"exceeded the maximum of 250 objects of type "objtMessage

    It appears that whoever performed the migration did not clean up after since the First Administrative Group usually indicates Exchange 2003 (this was removed in 200

    I need to locate this recipient as it does not show in EMC & I expect that it is a reference to a PF as the Hierarchy is still in the First Administrative Group (the person performing the migration failed to move the PF Hierarchy before removing Exchange 2003)

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    Re: Help locating recipient using ADSIedit

    I had this issue before, but we're on Exch 2010. Not sure if you can use LegacyExchangeDN as an input for Get-PublicFolder and Get-MailPublicFolder in 2007, but the following would give me the path to the mail enabled public folder which you can use to find it in the EMC

    Get-PublicFolder "/o=xxxx/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=support44539427" | fl *
    If not, then the following dsquery command will find the object and show you all if it's attributes so you can appropriately identify the object.

    dsquery * -filter "(legacyexchangedn=/o=xxxx/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=support44539427)" -attr *
    For example, the command above should show you the email address of the mail enabled PF in question, which can be used in the following EMS command to find the path

    Get-MailPublicFolder [email protected] | Get-PublicFolder | fl *
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