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Exchange 2013 CAS Co-Existence

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  • Exchange 2013 CAS Co-Existence

    Hi All,

    First post here in what looks to be an upcoming forum, just thought I would see if anyone can help with the below:

    have 2 new Exchange 2013 Multi role servers in a test environment. I have setup the namespace's in the following way

    Communcal OWA URL -

    Server 2013 Boxes

    OWA URL Internal and External -

    Server 2010 Boxes

    OWA Internal -

    OWA External -

    Authentication on Exchange 2010 boxes is set to basic, form based.

    Authentication on Exchange 2013 boxes is set to basic and form based.

    When users hit are it is sent to 2013 servers. This we then want to process all requests and proxy connections to 2010. Accessing a 2013 mailbox is fine, however 2010 users just get the message, opening mailbox, it then sticks on Still Working on it for indefinite and never progress'.

    Have tried removing the External URL from 2010 as I have seen suggested elsewhere but this makes no difference.

    ECP address' match what OWA are and certificates include all 3 namespaces.

    Many THanks in advance for any assistance


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    Re: Exchange 2013 CAS Co-Existence

    OWA doesn't proxy, it will only redirect.
    Therefore you need to have both internal and external URLs configured on both Exchange 2010 and 2013. The URLs need to resolve internally and externally.
    The authentication method needs to be identical on both.

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