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Symantec on exch server?

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  • Symantec on exch server?

    I have one exchange server in my network (exch 2013 on windows serv 2012).

    is it a good idea to install Symantec Endpoint Protection on the server?

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    Re: Symantec on exch server?

    You can if you wish - just ensure that you have the correct exclusions in the Symantec product.

    Whether it is a good idea to install anything by Symantec on to Exchange is another matter entirely. In my experience it is not, but all the time people do, I am happy as I make a lot of money cleaning up the mess that it causes.

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      Re: Symantec on exch server?

      I agree with Sembee. Installing a generic antivirus product on a server with multiple database files can cause a lot of issues, including database corruption. Excluding all relevant directories (database, MTA etc.) from realtime scanning would be vital.

      Besides, the name of the product is "Symantec Endpoint Protection". An Exchange Server is not an "endpoint".


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        Re: Symantec on exch server?

        My experiences with SEP pretty much parallel Sembee's. Personaly I would only use an Exchange aware AV product on an Exchange server as well, so that the Information Store gets scanned and things that shouldn't get scanned don't. Can't remember what Symantec's product is called, but then I have a pretty low opinion of Symantec as a company these days.
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          Re: Symantec on exch server?

          thank u everyone. I called MS about spam, so when I asked them they too said no, LOL