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Exchange Internal emails lost last week

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  • Exchange Internal emails lost last week

    Internal users sent items but the recipients never received them. They are all internal messages. At least 4-5 users reported. In all cases senders SENT items but that is it.

    However, the delivery report all show successful delivery to the recipient mailboxes. So I ran the tracker in Exchange too and it said delivered but it isn't in their outlook- already searched that with great detail.

    The only thing happened Mid-day Thursday we did have the MPLS go down due to a fiber cut in the area. The impact of that is the Mail server was inaccessible during that time, although that still shouldn't affect mail.

    How to tell what happened to the messages? Please advice.


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    Re: Exchange Internal emails lost last week

    Have you looked in OWA as opposed to Outlook on the user accounts for the missing mail?
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      Re: Exchange Internal emails lost last week

      when did the users report to you that they couldn't see the email? was it after your backups ran?

      might be worth restoring backups to a test machine, and stepping through transaction logs ?
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