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Changing Distribution List into a Group Mailbox

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  • Changing Distribution List into a Group Mailbox

    How can I go about changing an active distribution list in Exchange into a group mailbox so that users can receive email from external users?

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    Re: Changing Distribution List into a Group Mailbox

    create a mailbox with the group name of the distro list...

    lets say "[email protected]" is a list that includes sales members 1,2 and 3... the incoming messages that go to "[email protected]" are forwarded to members 1,2 and 3...

    are we right so far?

    so now, we create an account with an actual mailbox. the account could be "Sales (first name) Group (surname) [email protected]" and you will create an email address for it with an inbox.

    you are going to have to remove the address for the security group for sales so that mail will stop getting forwarded and instead delivered... and then place that same address into the address field for the new mailbox user.

    then, once your have finished the name shuffle, you can rebuild your GAL or just let m$ do it whenever it gets around to it.

    now just delegate the mailbox permission to the security group and they now have access to the calendar and invites and whatever from the [email protected] account.

    externally there should be no difference except the replies will come from the sales account with a "sent by" or sent "on behalf of" line now if they choose not to send as...
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