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Unable to relay from authenticated server

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  • Unable to relay from authenticated server

    Hi guys,

    I configured relaying on our exchange server and allowed some internal IP address's (obviously the servers which need to send email). But for some reason its no longer working and I cant quite figure out when it stopped or why its stopped.

    If I telnet from an authorised server specify the senders address [email protected] that's fine and then an external email address I get the error 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay error - any ideas whats causing this?

    I have added additional email domains to the email address policies as we have multiple email domains.


    EDIT ********

    Not to worry I fixed it, I don't remember doing it but the externally secured wasn't ticked and it must have been me that unticked it as Im the only admin :O)

    ohh dear..
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