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ISP reverse dns entry problem

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  • ISP reverse dns entry problem

    Hello admin

    what i said to my ISP to create reverse dns entry in my ststic ip
    and domain i have most of the people advised me said your ISP to create

    reverse to what to i do or i aid your ISP to create

    reverse to which one correct reverse dns entry because

    my exchange server email bounced back and my second question is i registered domain in

    godaddy by default @ have IP what to i do i enter my static ip and remove

    godaddy @ ip

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    Re: ISP reverse dns entry problem

    You should have a specific host name for your domain for email.
    So that would be something like
    You would then get the ISP to as the PTR on the IP address and configure the Send Connector FQDN in Exchange for

    That is it. The root of your domain (covered by the @) should be pointing to your public web site, as people are starting to not bother with the www bit in URLs.

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