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Root Certificate and Exchange 2007

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  • Root Certificate and Exchange 2007

    Hi all,

    I am a newbie with certificate so please bear with me. My root certificate is expiring soon and all Exchange 2007 ( CCR ) are installed with the certificate. I would like to ask is if I renew the certificate, will it affect the mail flow of the system?

    Another question is , if I renew it, will it automatically renew the rest of the systems that are installed with the certificate?

    Appreciate anyone can shed some light on this.


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    Re: Root Certificate and Exchange 2007

    If the root certificate is expiring, then every system using it will need to have the new root installed - that includes clients. You will then need to issue a new certificate from that root and also install that on to every Exchange server. Easily done for domain members, but for non domain members like mobile phones that is a manual job.

    Or you could just purchase a UC certificate for $80/year that is widely trusted and not have to worry about it. Instructions here:

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