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  • Additional HT Exch 2010 Server

    I have been requested to set up a secondary HT server in our branch office. Our existing mail server is located in our Datacentre.

    The idea is that should our primary mail server become unavailable, MX priority will direct SMTP mail to the secondary HT server which will queue until such time as the primary server is back online again.

    Additionally, I understand that upon installing a second HT server, AD will automatically load balance the traffic, which isn't what I wish to happen as I only want the new server to hold the mail in a queue until the other is restored.

    This isn't a configuration I have experienced before and I wanted to know if it is likely to work?

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    Re: Additional HT Exch 2010 Server

    The SMTP RFC's require that a sending server queue it's email for later delivery if the destination server is unavailable, so rather than add this rather odd complexity to your environment why don't you let things operate as they normally would? My point being, you aren't going to lose any incoming email if your Exchange server is down.


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      Re: Additional HT Exch 2010 Server

      I understand, however isn't that leaving it to chance that the sending mail server is themselves complying with the RFC standards? As an administrator, I would prefer to be in a position whereby I myself can guarantee that I'm doing all I can to prevent mail loss in the event the primary site is unreachable, than rely on other people.


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        Re: Additional HT Exch 2010 Server

        Well aren't you then relying on them to honor your backup MX record? There's no guarantee that they'll do that either.


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          Re: Additional HT Exch 2010 Server

          If you aren't putting mailboxes in that location then I probably wouldn't do this.
          As soon as you put Exchange in to that location, it will be used, nothing you can do about that. You can limit its use by ensuring that AD sites and Services is configured correctly.

          If you just want something that will queue email, then look at something like HMail Server.
          You can set that up to relay the email to another server.
          Another option would be to use a plain IIS SMTP server. However you would need to put something on it to do recipient filtering so that you can drop email for non-valid recipients.

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