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  • conection to exch unavailable

    running exchange 2013 connected and working fine for every one except one pc. which gives me an error "unable to connect to Microsoft exchange" when I try to add email in outlook. I have tried almost every thing.
    not a problem with email id coz I configured on other pc's works with no issue.
    deleted default profile created new one same error.
    resetnavpane also not working.
    not a problem with outlook coz I removed 2010 and installed 2013 not working.
    not a problem with OS I clean formatted the pc and installed win8 not working.
    if I manually configure the sever I get an error "default folders cannot be opened".
    restarted my exchange server, did IIS reset no good same error.
    please any expert help me what's wrong with exchange, what process is still connected to exchange even after a format of pc and restart of exchange.

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    Re: conection to exch unavailable

    Unlikely to be a problem with Exchange if it is only that machine.
    Have you tried moving the machine to another network port.
    You did try another user on the same machine?

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