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Exchange 2013 one ORg 2 servers

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  • Exchange 2013 one ORg 2 servers

    I have 2 Exchange servers in a single AD forest. Mail1 and mail2

    2X 2012 R2 Dc's

    There are 2 AD sites Site 1 and site 2
    Site 1 = DC1 and Mail1
    Site 2 = DC2 and Mail2

    One exchange organisation

    2 email external domains = and
    2 wildcard certs * on mail1 and * on mail2
    2 different Internet connections one for site 1 and other for site 2 and 2 external
    Ip address's

    Requirements where to split the servers so that users send form a different IP address than those of This has been done and works fine by simply setting a exchange connection cost of 100. users live on mail1 MD1 and users are on Mail2 MD2

    I am facing an issue on how to connect outlook anywhere so that users in the 2 domains are connecting to their own exchange servers and outlook anywhere will work with autodiscover.

    At the moment I have set the outlook provider to * and this work fine but outlook anywhere will not work for users using

    I have only come up with an idea to request a 3rd mutual domain and then issue a SAN cert that would have all 3 domains in it. then set the outlook provider to and then direct the outlook anywhere users to use the new domain to connect their outlook anywhere clients with.

    I don't think the client is going to go for this as he wants the names to be separate

    Any help would be appreciated
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    Re: Exchange 2013 one ORg 2 servers

    First, you should probably check the behaviour of your email, because I don't think you have got the sending of email working as you expect.

    Exchange 2013 does not do sender based routing without the aid of a third party transport agent, so will find that some email will be going out via the other host. Playing with costs on the Send Connector isn't going to help one bit.

    Exchange isn't really designed to work in the way that you are trying to use it.

    The only option would be a third domain. Exchange doesn't care about the email address of the user, it is a routing tool, and is used for Autodiscover only. It has no involvement in the client access server or mailbox database used.

    You basically have two options.

    1. Separate the Exchange orgs in to two different forests.
    2. Use a third neutral domain.

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