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Find Exchange SMTP server address

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  • Find Exchange SMTP server address

    Hi All

    I cant beleive I have havent found the answer to this on google already.

    We have recemtly migrated our exchange server from 2k3 to 2010 and now my old scripts that had the previous servers hostname are no longer working.

    I have went to my outlook 2010 account setting and can see a server name there I can ping this server ok but the script does not work as before!

    How can I with certainty know the smtp server address in my Exchange enviornment?



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    Re: Find Exchange SMTP server address

    Depending on the configuration of the server, it may well be blocking the internal traffic. You need to check your Receive Connectors.

    This would be a good opportunity to convert to using a generic name in DNS for your scripts, rather than the servers real name. That way when you upgrade again, all you have to do is change the DNS entry. smtp.example.local or something like that.

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