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  • Rule problem

    We have a customer who has a small organization.
    They have a SBS server 2011 en a Terminal server based on a 2008 server.

    Most users work on the terminal server except for 2 users.
    Now we made for them a sales email account where 4 users can send from and the have it as an extra account under there own email in outlook (office 2010)

    Now as they send a mail as behalve the @sales account the sent mail comes under there own send items.
    Butthe also want a copy in the inbox of the @sales account so the can see what somebody else has send.

    We made a rule in outlook under the users that as a mail has been send with sender [email protected] a copy goes to the inbox.
    This worked for about 2 days then i stopped.
    Now if i make a new rule and at the end says apply to all emails in the current box it moves all mails to the right folder but if i send a new mail the rule doesn`t work and if i look at the rule behind it says (local).

    Before the worked with a public sales folder but the prefer to do it the way discribed above.

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    Re: Rule problem

    Using a rule was the wrong thing to do.
    What you should have done, as you are using Outlook 2010 was add the sales mailbox as an additional ACCOUNT, not an additional mailbox.
    That way the Sent Items is stored in the correct place. You can also set rules on the second account, get notifications etc.

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