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Can I migrate .edb to new server, new forest?

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  • Can I migrate .edb to new server, new forest?

    Cutting to the chase, I'm trying to plan out a mountain of work we will be having in our organization to start a complete new forest/single domain active directory infrastructure. We have brand new servers and stuff (yay!)

    My concern is Exchange 2010 and preserving people's mailboxes. I was thinking the PST route, but I didn't know if that will have any advantage over just importing an entire EDBs from the old server, which "sounds" much easier than the hassle of PST.

    That being said, can Mailbox databases be moved to another Exchange server (Same version, 2010 SP3 in this case)? It will be a completely new forest, and UPNs in the new domain will not necessarily be exactly the same as in the old domain, if that matters.

    I'd really appreciate some help and a starting point on this. Thank you.

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    Re: Can I migrate .edb to new server, new forest?

    You cannot pick up a database and move it to a new forest.
    You should look at doing a cross forest migration instead - that is well documented on TechNet and others.

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      Re: Can I migrate .edb to new server, new forest?

      I know what a cross forest migration is and we decided to not go that route. Too much information from the old forest needs to be migrated over such as SID history for that to work properly and I don't want to deal with the headache of something going totally wrong because I'm unfamiliar with ADMT. I cannot trust Microsoft 100% and besides we don't want to migrate any security groups.

      Do I have any alternatives? Would simple PST files work?


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        Re: Can I migrate .edb to new server, new forest?

        PSTs will always work, but the management overheads are considerable

        How big is the database / how many users?
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          Re: Can I migrate .edb to new server, new forest?

          There's about 4-5 data bases total 80 gigs.. 230 employees. I am putting back forest trust into consideration because of this email problem. I also have SQL server that may run into problems if i don't do trust migration with admt.


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            Re: Can I migrate .edb to new server, new forest?

            A cross forest migration would be much simpler and painless than an offline migration using .pst's even for 230 users. For the time it takes you to set up the coexistence you could have all users moved over a weekend with relative ease.
            Jason Cherry has an excellent doc that details the steps on how to set up coexistence using native tooling.



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              Re: Can I migrate .edb to new server, new forest?

              Having quite recently done a cross-forest migration (2007 to 2010), I'd go that route as it's (Relatively!) painless using powershell. PSTs are a PITA, so the only way I'd do a migration that way is from an SBS network where you can't have a cross-forest trust.

              I used an article of Sembee's for the Public Folder move and did it using Outlook 2010, you'll need to document the permissions so you can recreate them in the target forest though.
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