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[migration] Using mailboxes in a different AD forest

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  • [migration] Using mailboxes in a different AD forest

    Hi everyone,

    I have been asked to move only the mailboxes from a different AD forest and over to our Exchange servers, but not to migrate their AD user and computer accounts over to us. We have a 2 way forest trust in place between us at the moment.

    I would like to know if this is at all possible and what options I would have. We are aware that potentially people would need to login to outlook every time they open up outlook.

    Scenario is
    1) 2 way domain trust between forestA and forestB
    2) Migrate mailboxes from forestA over to forestB
    3) DO NOT migrate user or computer accounts in forestA
    4) Users in forestA, when they open outlook it should autodiscover mailbox in forestB automatically or we set the outlook profile up manually. what ever works.
    5) Shared mailboxes in forestB need to be accessible to users in forestA

    I think one of the reasons why we cant migrate them out of forestA is because they are on a central AD for several contries and things are integrated into their CRM system. we are just trying to get the 2 companies to be able to work and share data together with minimum disruptions until a bigger migration move to a global AD structure and Office 365 in about 1 year.

    Any advice on options would be really useful

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    Re: [migration] Using mailboxes in a different AD forest

    would this help at all ?

    I only looked very briefly.

    you could always just do export-mailbox -pstfolderpath
    then import-mailbox

    that's an ugly way to do it though
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      Re: [migration] Using mailboxes in a different AD forest

      Hi Tehcamel

      Not sure how good this would work for us. but thank you for replying