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Combining HyperV and VMWare hosts in a stretchd DAG?

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  • Combining HyperV and VMWare hosts in a stretchd DAG?

    Hello, my company (A) has acquired another company (B). We are planning to merge the 2 Exchange 2010 environments into 1.
    Most likely scenario will be to move cross forest all mail-enabled objects from Exchange at B to Exchange at A. The hardware at company B has a VMWare configuration on it, a few applications servers will remain here.
    My management is interested in setting up a stretched DAG for Disaster Recovery purposes.
    Has anybody experience combining Hyper-V hosts and VMWare hosts into 1 Exchange DAG?
    My main concern is if DB replication is affected by the 2 different hosting solutions.
    Anybody any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

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    Re: Combining HyperV and VMWare hosts in a stretchd DAG?

    Exchange doesn't care - so having the two servers on different VM hosts will make no difference at all.
    All Exchange cares about is the OS and the storage arrangement are identical.

    However do not try to use any of the replication technology built in to the hypervisor, as that will cause you problems.

    However, Active/Active DAG over a WAN link rarely works in the way that clients expect and I would strongly discourage you from implementing such a pattern. The most common problem you will have is loss of the WAN link, if that happens one side will go down, the other will stay up. You will not get high availability at all.

    Your best option is to deploy a four server, two DAG solution. That will allow you to keep both sides up in the event of WAN failure, plus the CAS and Hub transport roles can be used by all users in each location via the CAS array and a load balancer. That will provide you with a reliable solution that works very well.

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